Sunday, November 18, 2012

April ( and a wee bit of May ) 2012

 Month of birthdays starting with my Mom's.  Also exciting news this week Greg bought me a Harley - I have wanted a Harley for a while now and it is on my bucket list - so "check" another item completed!
 Our Anniversary - 19 wonderful years.
 Tactical Troop (Riot ) Training one of my favourite times of the year!
 I love shoes and when I saw the photo of the cupcake stiletto shoes o the internet I HAD to make them.  I even came up with a party to host as the perfect excuse to make them - they turned out excellent - lots of work though...

 We heard from Africa with an update on Rian and received our yearly report on Anabel in Bolivia too - thought Project Life is a perfect place to keep these reports - I had to cut and sew some page protectors to fit.

 First year that Anabel has drawn us a picture - we have sponsored her since she was a baby - how the years pass.

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