Wednesday, November 28, 2012

December Class for Thursday Group

Thursday Girls!  Here is the first installment for the December classes!  You should bring some foam squares and glue dots, you can adjust the sizes of the photos from 3 x 5 to 4 x 6 (you'll just have less light green border).  See you either Nov 29 or Tuesday Dec 4th to do this page!!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

November thus far...2012

 Another sewn page protector (only thing I have ever used my sewing machine for...)

 Still waiting for a photo that a professional photographer took at the dinner....I hate having empty spaces though.

October 2012

 You may have noticed...I change my hair a lot I am not sure why...why not?
 Gotta love these teeny tiny flip flaps, the hairdresser thought I was crazy - but just another chance to explain Project Life and how I keep everything!

A big day in my life ... 24 years in the RCMP 24 years plus one day means no pension penalty if I retire anytime from now on - that is a big milestone.  I was more excited that my original uniform from when I was 19 years old STILL fits!! Oh yeah...

September 2012

 In Moncton for a week for work, gotta wonder if I am ever home?
 I so like it when someone else is game to take some candid shots for me - I'd never get these again (qualified for another year!)
 Hope my sister does not follow my blog!  Christmas spoiler Nancy don't look...the end of the week the last bike trip of the season and we got caught in the rain on the way home (really really heavy rain too).  But the day trip was for a great cause and our team did pretty good if I do say so myself.
Greg's stores open again for another season...8 this year - whew gonna be busy!

August 2012

 August another full month...the year is flying by

 Week started out so fab - got to visit with my sister and kiddies - then ended with a bang literally.  Was involved in a collision with a transport truck (yes I was driving) not my best moment but oh so very lucky to come out unscathed.  Got the photos off the evening newscast...
 Boston weekend and BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN - just what the Doctor ordered an immediate get a way and get my mind off what could have happened. 

 A few more special days with my sister and family before she returns to oh so far away in British Columbia
 We started the week by hosting a reunion for the group that went to Africa this year - perfect day for a backyard BBQ.  We ended the week by taking off on the bikes again for a weekend away in Nova Scotia.

Perfect way to end August - I so love my new Harley

July 2012

 Started this month out with a heavy heart - but will only look to the future. 
 Another page protector sewed to fit a specific piece I wanted to include
 fun weekend I volunteered to work

 Dad's birthday 66, hopefully many many more.

June 2012

 Quite a few things going on behind these next couple of pages!  Finally Spring has sprung and we have gotten some work completed outside.  I took a Jessica Sprague course on using Photoshop Elements and then I went out and bought it along with a whole bunch of digital Project Life goodies too.  I made these collages of the garden updates and for this first time used a Design E page protector.  My favourite flower is a day lily - I made a trip to the PEI Lily Lady's gardens and bought myself a whole bunch of different Lilies - so how will I remember which ones are which??
 I took photos of each of the ones that I bought from the Lily Lady's site and listed them here..
 I made a "map" of where I planted them and tucked the map inside the photos so I can reference it in years to come - pretty smart eh?

 Off on my first adventure on my new bike - 5 states total - great time and only one day of rain!
 Rainy day in Portland Maine - so we rented a car and explored - it as Greg's birthday so we treated ourselves to a couple's massage at a fancy Spa and a treasured find for the restaurant!
 Laconia Bike week - the photos speak for themselves...

 Home again - there was a special event where the Confederation Bridge (second longest free standing bridge in the world) was closed for a couple hours and only bikes were allowed - we took part and it was pretty cool to see the never ending line of bikes over "our" bridge.
 I sat patiently on the floor under my deck to capture these shots - Momma Robin was working hard to feed the little ones
 Another bucket list item about to be fulfilled - My ultimate dream concert - Shania Twain - I have tickets to see her in Las Vegas March 29th 2012...counting the 'sleeps' already...

May 2012

 Finally got into a photo course that I signed up for last Fall and was cancelled.  I hope to improve my skills.
 Short day trip to the border to pick up my Harley - longest test ride ever - bit cool too at this time of year...but I love it!

April ( and a wee bit of May ) 2012

 Month of birthdays starting with my Mom's.  Also exciting news this week Greg bought me a Harley - I have wanted a Harley for a while now and it is on my bucket list - so "check" another item completed!
 Our Anniversary - 19 wonderful years.
 Tactical Troop (Riot ) Training one of my favourite times of the year!
 I love shoes and when I saw the photo of the cupcake stiletto shoes o the internet I HAD to make them.  I even came up with a party to host as the perfect excuse to make them - they turned out excellent - lots of work though...

 We heard from Africa with an update on Rian and received our yearly report on Anabel in Bolivia too - thought Project Life is a perfect place to keep these reports - I had to cut and sew some page protectors to fit.

 First year that Anabel has drawn us a picture - we have sponsored her since she was a baby - how the years pass.