My Project Life 2011

These are a couple of my favourite weeks of 2011 - ....such a great Project !!  I so love this way of keeping our memories....Our amazing trip to China is a great place to start!

Back to the real world after such an adventure...had no idea that the "jet lag" would last so long.
Tactical Troop practice - so love being on this team, first time ever I felt that bonding (not being that sportive or coordinated).  80 guys and 4 girls sometimes feels good to prove to myself that I can do it.
Off to British Columbia and a chance meeting of an old friend (old in time not age)  Seeing Les at the airport was quite a surprise, getting to have lunch with him as he waited for his flight back to the United Emirates was a bonus.
I love BC their weather makes me happy - if it wasn't so far away from "home" I could find myself living there I am sure.
Ah friends what would I do without them.  Won tickets to see Oprah's last show at a special viewing, got to bring my besties with me - we had a great time.  Spring is coming and some Renos are underway at the house!
Quite a shock this week to be asked to go to Queens Det as a replacement - yikes gonna be a challenge, but I am up to it!
Exciting!!  First bike ride of the year .... and Shania Twain in concert again - my bucket list may get something marked off!!!
Renos are ongoing.....
So hard to be patient isn't it??  I am getting the most amazing closet ever (it is amazing... the Ultimate Girl Closet) so hard now to wait for it to be done.
Flowers, one my favourite things...proud that these are showing up right in my own yard!!
Done Done Done!!! Closet is so great I just stand there and realize how lucky I am.
I was so looking forward to a week off - who know I'd spend most of it at the Physio and laying down??  My back is out and may be the worst time ever...But Tom and Kim at Island Physio are my hero's!
Hubby is away - I kept busy though, my niece is visiting Mom and Dad, the girls were always ready to scrapbook and summer BBQ's with friends always a great way to pass an evening.
Having been a Humming bird looser at two previous houses (not for the lack of trying to entice one to my feeders) I FINALLY saw one at my newest feeder.  Like a fool I stood still at the window for about 2 hours to get these photos just right (a little google on the right aperture possibilities) I finally captured the proof...hummingbirds at Sundance Lane
I am not sure what happened - the most abnormal thing - I did NOT take any photos this week - I couldn't believe it when I sat on Sunday morning to do "my week" and used the opportunity to show case the best photos I took on the Photography Day Course Lisa and I took.  Ended up with more photos than spots so used some flip flaps too to get them all in.