Saturday, April 14, 2018

May 5th 2018 - National Scrapbook Day Class

Ladies May 5th National Scrapbook Day I will be hosting a seminar to complete either 6 double 12 x 12 layouts OR a full 30 page 6 x 8 Album !! Both options are beautiful!

These papers are only available for purchase until the end of May and were created for National Scrapbook Month.   In the 12 x 12 class I have integrated the layout package and used the pieces but changed the layouts to make them more unique!

My Class for the 6 Double 12 x 12 Layouts (and you have a bit of extra paper left over) includes paper package, cardstock pack, special layout pack, black/white gems, extra cardstock for Cricut cut outs and layouts, color photos and instructions,  matching stamp set......$110.00 (includes shipping / taxes)

Option without the stamp set everything above except the stamp set $100.00 (includes S/T)

My Class for the mini album - the album pages are 6 x 8 - includes full paper pack (you will have paper left over also), cardstock pack, blush album, page protectors in various configurations, black/white gems, color photos and instructions.... $100.00 includes shipping/taxes

Here are my pages with the photos on!  I did not have enough photos from this trip for all 6 lay-outs so one is still blank...
Here is the Album - which turned out awesome too - remember the one in class will not have the white borders on the sides...I had to make mine to fit a 8 x 8 album that I already had...The class one is 6 x 8 but otherwise exactly the same!  

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